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are the most important instruments to be successful in marketing. As companies are always searching for new business relationships, a business database can be very helpful in finding out those potential new customers.They contain important company information and contact details and by this way it is possible to talk directly to the right person.

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Business databases are based on detailed companies information. They usually contain emails, fax numbers and contact names. In addition, details regarding employees, turnover and company size are also possible. It is a big advantage that the entries of a business database can ususally be exportet without a limit. So you are able to import them in any ordinary file. By this way you can analyse special business categories and companies information very easy. It is our aim to make your company more successful in the long term.


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Business databases - spend time on growing your business. Faust Information GmbH is specialized in the international distribution of worldwide business databases and companies information for a long time. Due to excellent business contact all over the world, the range of products offers a big variety. Wheteher companies information for Germany or for the international use - our sales leads will help to improve marketing campaigns.

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Business databases can be used on CD, DVD or directly by a download version. A download link can directly be provided after the order transaction. Mainly, companies information are suitable for the following purposes: Direct Mail Campaigns, Telemarketing Campaigns & Email Marketing Campaigns. Due to easy handling , you will find fitting customer profiles quickly.

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